Random Blurbs

A New Year : New Products


Just wanted to share on the blog one of the changes I’m making in my product offerings. Nothing major, but it’s a matter of presentation.   I’m now shipping all of my Images on disc inside of a personalized dvd case, and enclosed within packaging shown below šŸ™‚ Why the change you ask? Well, it’s […]

For Couples: Booking an E-session

Engagement photography sessions are a great way to get some romantic pictures of couples showcasing and celebrating their new engagement. There are three things we’d like you to consider when preparing for an engagement session with us : Picking a location You may or may not consider it important to pick a location thatĀ works to […]

Finally getting a KISS Wedding book Sample Album


I’ve put this off for way too long now. I started working with KISS books more than a year ago and I’ve been able to sell their albums to clients successfully with just the information on my wedding albumĀ pageĀ the images in my portfolio. Ā Some of those images are of albums that I’ve sold to clients, […]

We’ve Got You Covered | Bridal Emergency Kit

One of the things I have any bit of pride in, is in my ability to solve problems in the field. When it gets gritty, I like to flex my creativity. This is part of the reason I get a thrill out of wedding event photography, actually. I can never predict or anticipate for every […]