Tips for Brides

Why you’ll need the Lady-in-Waiting on the Big Day.

The lady in waitings’ duties are to serve the bride primarily, from fielding those inevitable last minute phone calls from relatives about directions or issues they are having, to making sure the bride has everything she needs to step in her dress. Her services can however be limited to helping the bride and the bridesmaids to get into their dresses, perform any final touch-ups to their final looks and ensuring everything that the bridal party will need at the next venue has been taken with them.

Posing for Engagement Photographs

You want the emphasis on you – meaning your face, your expression, your love for one another. The photo session is about you, not today’s fashions. But certain clothes do take the viewer’s attention away from where it should be.

What can you use your E-session photos for?


Engagement session photography is still a relatively new and under-utilized service to the broad market of wedding consumers; Perhaps you still consider it only luxury or an embellishment. Indeed, if you’re having a small wedding- which I consider to be 80 guests or fewer- then maybe it is something you can can do without. However, this depends entirely on the intended use of your photos.