First Look – What is it, and why I think you should consider one

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For many modern couples, living together before marriage, or even simply being one another’s best friend is commonplace. For couples like this, traditional marriage rites such as seeing each other for the first time just as one of the two takes the walk down the aisle, might seem outdated.

Often couples crave alone time with their significant other before the big walk, especially when that person is the one person that can calm them in a stressful situation. Indeed, one bride we worked with was uncharacteristically nervous until she was able to have a few minutes before the big moment with her husband-to-be. A “first look” is one way for couples to get one-on-one time before the ceremony starts.

Usually taken moments before the walk down the aisle, a first look is a couples’ only photo session where the photographer can capture a truly Brooklyn wedding photographerintimate moment.

A good candidate for the First Look is a couple where they’re each others best friend, and the one they turn to in a stressful event. As most weddings embody an element of stress, a few moments alone with your best friend (who happens to be the person you are about to marry) can help relieve some of that stress. A First Look is best for couples who eschew the traditional marriage rites, and are looking to have that moment where they view each other for the first time all done up, without having the entire guest list intrude. It can be a beautiful & emotional moment, that once captured, will serve as a true reminder of the day’s purpose, bringing two people together.



Brooklyn wedding photographer

From a Photographer’s perspective, having a First Look also ensures that we capture the wedding couple in as pristine state as possible ( before the tears, or the sweat ruined make-up) since these are usually the first couple pictures of the wedding day.

The First Look is the means to get many pictures together before all the distractions of the reception, or the rushing to grab pictures of everyone during cocktail hour take place. Even better, for the time-conscious, logistic-oriented couple, a First Look can precede the commencement of the official wedding party pictures, getting them out of way before the traditional cocktail hour, thereby leaving the time after the ceremony for some real virtual alone time, without the bother of picture taking.

Finally, the First Look is one of the best ways to capture genuine reactions to each other in a private non-intimidating space. It sets a different tone for these pictures against the more formal wedding party /family shots. It is a space where the couple can show off their personality and unconventionality.

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