For Couples: Booking an E-session

Engagement photography sessions are a great way to get some romantic pictures of couples showcasing and celebrating their new engagement.

There are three things we’d like you to consider when preparing for an engagement session with us :

Picking a location

You may or may not consider it important to pick a location that works to best represent elements of both your personalities, experiences, and style. Think about what kind of mood you wish to evoke with the backdrop for your pictures, whether it be youthful, bright and soft, Urban & Modern, Classy & Elegant, or Fun, Light Hearted and Whimsical.

Dressing for the Occasion

Dressing for a engagement session is completely up to you! Some couples lean toward a more traditional and formal session: dress shirts, jackets and dress pants for the men and a party/cocktail dress for the women. Whichever style you choose, be sure re to pick something that is both comfortable and flatters you. This really isn’t the time to be experimental, only for the fear of not liking how pictures turn out, or more specifically, how you look in them while wearing something out of character & uncomfortable for you. If you prefer to go more casual I recommend that you dress in layers and chose an outfit that reflects your personality. For instance, you can wear a t-shirt that shows off a tv show, a sports team, or something that’s a trademark of your character.
In terms of color, vibrant colors and/or simple patterns are encouraged, especially in the winter when things tend to be dark and dull outside. Also, it adds visual interest to your images to pick complimentary colors that fall in-step with your partners: if one person wears yellow, the other can wear something with purple in it. Other options for this can be red/green and blue/orange. Since it is winter now as we’re writing this, it’s important that we have our clients dress in layers if they can, and wear simple accessories that add a pop of color and interest to the photographs ( think a cute hat or a scarf, or even earrings and necklaces).

Inspiration/How you’ll use the photos 

We always encourage our couples to bring any ideas they may have to the session. Feel free to forward images you’ve seen that speak to how you may want to use your own photos. If you haven’t seen anything that speaks to you – no worries! Carlos and I have developed our own sense of style and know you’ll appreciate our ideas.
It’s also be important to know before-hand how you want to use these pictures. Some couples simply want to celebrate their engagement and kickoff the start of the new phase of their relationship. Other couples may use the pictures for a save the date, for their wedding website, or for a slideshow during the engagement party or the wedding day. Please, let us know if you plan to use your pictures for any of these as we’ll want to make sure we get shots for those specific uses.


Written by Shari


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