Lead photographer

What She says...

Carlos loves technical precision, detailed communication, and photography, of course! All these things are easy to recognize by anyone that meets him.

Well it is true, I have been accused of very thorough emails, as well as having an interesting style of speech...but my love of technical precision might be a little overstated.

Other components of my story you might be interested in since you're here - I've been a life long photographer, or archiver of my experiences, but as my journey in photography progressed I wanted to do more than just simply record the objective world around me. I sought to also capture or distill moments of emotional resonance within the lives of the people around me, and thus began my path into portrait and wedding photography at the end of 2009.

My fiancée Michele and I have been working together for several years helping couples to record their special occasions. We have immense pride and take great pleasure in the process of getting to know our clients so that we can best meet their needs on their wedding day. It's the friendly and genuine approach that we engage with our clients that allows us to become a seamless part of our couples' wedding celebration.

Columbus Ohio 2014-439


2nd photographer

What He says...

Michele is a sucker for baby animals. Her ideal lifestyle would probably consist of raising baby farm animals, beach access, and friends & family close by.

I've been surrounded by photographers since birth!

My mother walked around with a camera, capturing family moments at gatherings and vacations. Then I met Carlos and I feel in love with a deeper level of capturing intimate moments.

While working with Carlos for the past few years, we have been blessed to make some wonderful friendships, capture beautiful moments, and furthered our love of meeting new people from diverse walks of life.