Engagement session photography

Ava + Hemang Engagement Session | Highline Park, NY


Ava and Hemang contacted me a few weeks ago, wondering how soon we could set up a shoot. Their wedding is in May of 2013 and they expressed that they basically wanted to use E-session photos for their wedding website. They’re having a huge traditional Indian wedding, but it’ll take place in Michigan and sadly, I’m not the photographer booked for that event. Even so, I’ll be in touch with them so that I can get a peek at how their wedding day went. Michele and I heard about what they have planned and it sounded beautiful..can’t wait to see it.

What can you use your E-session photos for?


Engagement session photography is still a relatively new and under-utilized service to the broad market of wedding consumers; Perhaps you still consider it only luxury or an embellishment. Indeed, if you’re having a small wedding- which I consider to be 80 guests or fewer- then maybe it is something you can can do without. However, this depends entirely on the intended use of your photos.