Vonny + Brandon E-session | Chinatown, NYC


Vonny and Brandon are a Brooklyn couple that Michele and I were thrilled to begin working with a few months ago. We immediately recognized that they were the type of couple we wanted to work with after our first meeting. It’s difficult to explain just how we knew that; it was an ineffable combination of just the right amount of enthusiasm, vision, and rapport, which we established right away.

First Look – What is it, and why I think you should consider one

Brooklyn wedding photographer

For many modern couples, living together before marriage, or even simply being one another’s best friend is commonplace. For couples like this, traditional marriage rites such as seeing each other for the first time just as one of the two takes the walk down the aisle, might seem outdated. Often couples crave alone time with […]

What can you use your E-session photos for?


Engagement session photography is still a relatively new and under-utilized service to the broad market of wedding consumers; Perhaps you still consider it only luxury or an embellishment. Indeed, if you’re having a small wedding- which I consider to be 80 guests or fewer- then maybe it is something you can can do without. However, this depends entirely on the intended use of your photos.