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Gis + Joan Brooklyn Heights Engagement Photography


Gis + Joan Brooklyn Heights Engagement Photography¬†   Gisclerc and Joan are a Brooklyn couple getting married at the end of the summer on September 1, 2011. Joan is having much of her family fly from other parts of the country , and even internationally for the wedding. I surprised Gis + Joan¬†when I offered […]

Levita + Errol | Trinity Church, NYC


he ceremony took place at the Trinity Church of downtown Manhattan, an historic location at the intersection of Wall street and Broadway. Luckily, the wedding party were staying nearby at the Andaz hotel, and the reception dinner was at a local venue. This made it a relatively easy trip for out of towners to make since no time was wasted going to and fro.

We’ve Got You Covered | Bridal Emergency Kit

One of the things I have any bit of pride in, is in my ability to solve problems in the field. When it gets gritty, I like to flex my creativity. This is part of the reason I get a thrill out of wedding event photography, actually. I can never predict or anticipate for every […]