Why you’ll need the Lady-in-Waiting on the Big Day.

by Shari


Here it is. Your wedding day. The day dawns bright and clear, warm but not hot and you have the distinct feeling the whole world is yours for the day. That is until you are sweatily struggling to get into your dress with the help of three bridesmaids while the flower girls cry crankily on the floor and the groom’s mother is calling you for direction for the fifth time that day. When that moment comes it usually only throws the plans off for a few minutes and is usually forgotten by the time you are standing at the head of aisle, smiling at your handsome groom waiting for you. But why not avoid any of that drama? I remember the rush of stuggling into my bridesmaid dress, helping getting the flower girls ready and trying to keep my hair in perfect condition as we sprinted down the stairs to the limo, wondering if any of this could be avoided. Honestly some of it couldn’t be avoided; it was an insanely hot day and even the limo was late picking us up, so some stress was inevitable. But looking back, if we had a lady- in- waiting for helping us get ready, things could have gone a lot smoother.

A lady in waiting is a term we associate with a princess or royal court. But in terms of your wedding, a lady in waiting is someone who is there for YOU. A calm and leveled person who has all the information about time, place and the directions, who is fielding calls and helping you and your bridesmaids get ready. Sure, we usually expect our bridesmaids to do all this, but honestly they are getting ready themselves and should be focused on keeping you happy, not getting you dressed. A lady in waiting can be a calm hand, guiding you through the stressful time that getting everyone in the bridal party looking their finest and ready to walk down the aisle.

So who should the lady-in-waiting be?

A relative or friend who is not in the wedding  party, yet has the time off to accompany the bride to where she is getting prepared before the ceremony. Some wedding halls or venues offer lady in waiting services but not all. Be sure to ask what services the lady in waiting that particular venue will be able to offer, as they vary from location to location.

What do ladies-in-waiting do?

The lady-in-waitings’ duties are to serve the bride primarily, from fielding those inevitable last minute phone calls from relatives about directions or issues they are having, to making sure the bride has everything she needs to step in her dress. Her services can however be limited to helping the bride and the bridesmaids to get into their dresses, perform any final touch-ups to their final looks and ensuring everything that the bridal party will need at the next venue has been taken with them. However if need be, the lady in waiting can be the one to ensure the bride (and her party, if able) are relaxed as possible before the ceremony. This can include bringing drinks and snacks to the bride, keeping the dressing area organized for optimal photographic moments (if a photographer is present) and making a final review of all the wedding party to make sure they are picture perfect.

In essence, you want someone reliable and calm to help you in the moments before you walk down the aisle. Those moments are often where the stress lies, so it helps to have a little planning and someone to enforce peace and quiet to make the moment go smoothly.


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Written by Shari


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