How we'll make your wedding photography experience awesome.

Prior to the Wedding

Wedding at Aurora, <strong>Brooklyn</strong>
I offer a free pre-booking consultation with you, bride and/or groom, to discuss the schedule for your wedding day, the style of photography, my working methods, locations, and to discuss any special activities or traditions you may include on your special day. We can talk about personalizing my service to your needs.

In all of my wedding collections the photography actually begins before your wedding day, in an engagement photography session. This portrait session is a unique experience for both you and your partner. Your portrait will reflect who you are to one another and pictures will capture laughter and joy before your wedding. Having one of these sessions is ideal for two reasons. This portrait session is the best opportunity for you to learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera, and also, fundamentally, a way for me to understand the two of you as a couple, and as individuals. This engagement session aims to capture a true expression of your relationship.

A Comprehensive photography collection allows you not to miss any special moments. You might wish for me to cover your rehearsal dinner, for instance. This is the perfect opportunity for me to meet your parents and other key people in your lives. The rehearsal dinner kicks off the celebration and you can add these moments to your wedding story. If you don't need rehearsal coverage, you could use this additional photography time for your dress fitting, additional hours on wedding day or wherever you would like additional coverage. I like to know as much as I can about the locations your event will be taking place, so with your permission I'd like to get in touch with the venues and/or anyone directly handling the organizing of the wedding to ask a few photography specific questions. I will scout the locations of the ceremony, reception and portraiture sessions in advance when possible and communicate suggestions regarding setup and photography locations.

Wedding Day

Moniera + Ben | The Palm House <strong>Brooklyn</strong> Botanical Garden WeddingFor those hiring us for the entire day in a Comprehensive Collection, your wedding day will be on record from the time you start getting ready for your ceremony. There are actually many small but significant details and memories captured during the early hours, and you're pleased to have these images for years to come. Getting ready involves your closest friends and family and having these pictures reminds you of the anticipation, and all of the joy and excitement of the wedding day - and none of the stressful parts. Because you have two photographers, two unique points of view are captured seamlessly throughout your ceremony. I work with a second photographer on your wedding day who will help me cover areas that I cannot possibly cover as an individual. The second photographer, if not my fiancee Michele, will surely be chosen for a compatibility with my photographic style and work ethic.

The reality of wedding photography is that--although many photographers say something about their photography style as it applies to weddings, i.e. photojournalism, it's hard to imagine what other option one largely has! It is quite a task to shoot an event where there are sometimes hundreds of guests, and so, one can't ( or shouldn't) decidedly choose to shoot an entirely " traditionally" posed subject wedding event. If anyone offers this, beware. However, nor should a photographer decide to shoot a wedding entirely photojournalistically. The former will be a sure route to irritation and prevention of your enjoyment of the wedding whenever you're asked to pose just "so" in every photo. On the other hand, the purely candid "photojournalistic" style of shooting will often miss out on some of the very important relationships and interactions that a bride and groom will NEED and appreciate having been posed for, such as shots with relatives rarely photographed together.
Photographers that advertise photojournalistic styles are probably either too shy or uncomfortable with having to direct people in creating a photograph. It is important to have a photographer with an eye for posing and able to make you look great when you're supposed to!

I believe in the value of both the traditional and photojournalisitic approach, but since it's obvious, at least to me, that the best of both worlds will be desired by the couple, you can expect a mix of creatively posed shots, where you get to look your best in front of the camera, and of course, I'll be stealing moments blending into the background.

After the last dance...

Vonny + Brandon's Wedding| Photographed by Carlos Andrew Thomas

Shortly after the wedding day, you are presented with your final images via an online gallery.You're ecstatic to be able to relive the day moment by moment. Your joy is compounded even more because you see pictures that highlight moments that were happening throughout the day that you never witnessed! This edited group of pictures showcases your favorite people looking their best and reflects the essence of the day. While the online presentation is easy to share with all who attended, and even with those who were not able to attend, you also will receive your precious memories in an album, a set of prints, or on a DVD ( All three in my Comprehensive collection).

Immediately upon seeing your wedding photography, you’ll have a print order credit to use right away. The credit is a way that you can order some of your favorite pictures immediately or can be applied towards custom made thank you cards, depicting one of favorite images along with a special personalized message. And of course a way to treasure your wedding memories... Your wedding album becomes a physical container of the memories of your special day. You and your spouse will revisit your wedding album throughout your marriage, reflecting on the candid moments and the bliss captured between its pages.